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Platinum, a book celebrating the CIPR’s 70th Anniversary

Platinum is a new book from the CIPR showcasing excellence in public relations. Edited by Stephen Waddington Found.Chart.PR Hon FCIPR, Platinum is the story of the CIPR as told by its members, including our very own Catherine Grinyer and Gavin B. Harris. 

Today the CIPR published a crowdsourced book asserting the value of PR as a management discipline, as part of its seventieth anniversary celebrations.

From the foundations of PR practice to the emergence of artificial intelligence and automation, Platinum captures the evolution of the Institute and the industry.

The 45-chapter book comprises contributions from more than 50 thought leaders on five key areas, namely: perspectives, practice, performance, provocation and the future potential of the profession.

Platinum boasts a powerful endorsement of public relations from the CBI’s Director-General Carolyn Fairbairn who, in her foreword, praises PR’s capacity to deliver “brilliant shareholder value” in uncertain times.

Platinum is a blockbuster of a crowdsourced publishing project that has been 18 months in the creation. It’s a reflection of modern PR practice, a learning and development tool, and a cracking legacy project as the CIPR looks forward to its next 70 years.”
Catherine and Gavin’s essay, “Why digital inclusion matters to your communications now” is chapter 26 of Platinum, in the ‘future potential’ section of the book. They explore how technology hasn’t lived up to its promise of democratising media and how we need to hold it to account and work harder.
Gavin said: “PR practitioners must explore the future of the profession. We know our industry has changed so much in the last twenty or so years thanks to digitization and we must keep looking forward to be prepared for what’s coming next. 

This essay highlights why PR practitioners now need to understand digital inclusion and the business benefits of delivering accessible and inclusive communications.
PRs have a huge opportunity here to extend the reach of their communications and make society fairer, if they act now.”

Platinum is available in print for £29.39 from Blurb and via Amazon Kindle for £4.95. 

Profits from Platinum will be donated to iprovision, the CIPR’s benevolent fund for PR practitioners.