Diversity & Inclusion

We are passionate about diversity and inclusion. Everyone should have equal opportunities in life.

Opportunities to live and work happily aren’t privileges; they are everyone’s basic rights.

We truly understand. We lobbied the government for the introduction of The Equality Act 2010.

There is now a strong business case for every organisation to embrace diversity and inclusion.


Two man sat in wheelchairs, with one facing the camera and one with his back to it


For example, around 20 per cent of people in the UK have a disability – that’s over 13 million people.

This number is only set to rise because we have an ageing population, and most disabilities are acquired throughout a person’s lifetime, particularly when they get older.

But, what if you don’t make your goods and services accessible for disabled people?

Organisations need to reflect the communities they serve, and organisations that are inclusive of all talents are better for it.

Diversity and inclusion is a huge area of investment for the private and public sectors.

To see this you only need to look at the different diversity and inclusion industry awards that have started in the last ten or so years to celebrate the life-changing work that is happening.

These awards include The Excellence in Diversity Awards, the Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative (RIDI) Awards, and the AbilityNet Tech4Good Awards.

Admission: we work for RIDI and AbilityNet. But, this means that we have seen first-hand that the world really is changing for the better.

More opportunities are being created for more people every day.

It is vital to put diversity and inclusion at the heart of each and every communications, PR, marketing and social media campaign.

Audiences are diverse – it’s a fact! They think, feel, respond and act differently. And they each have different requirements in terms of language and access.

Reaching and including diverse audiences in your communications should be a central part of your approach.

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