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Complete the ClickAway Pound Survey 2019 now

In 2016 the first ever ClickAway Pound Survey gave a fascinating insight into the world of online shopping for people with disabilities.

The results didn’t make for great reading. The survey found that:

  • 1 million people in the UK have impairments that affect the way they use the Internet
  • 2 million of these potential customers left a website if they experienced access problems
  • £11.75 billion was the estimated displaced spending of these customers
  • 93% of this group did not contact the business to complain about the lack of access, they just went elsewhere.

If nothing has changed since the results of that survey were published then £450 million pounds worth of business was lost over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 weekend in the UK alone.

Inaccessible websites and apps deprive people with disabilities the chance to buy bargains online, and they deprive businesses with much needed sales.

The survey is now running again to see what has changed and the organisers want as as many people with disabilities as possible to take part in the ClickAway Pound Survey 2019 to help make on-line shopping easier.

If you have a disability you can take part in the survey by visiting the ClickAway Pound Survey website:

The survey will only take you ten minutes and if you complete it you can enter a prize draw for the chance to win one of five £20 Amazon gift vouchers.

You can also follow the ClickAway Pound Survey on Twitter @capsurvey and if you have any queries you can email them at