Accessibility emojis

Apple pushes for greater representation of people with disabilities

Apple are calling for more inclusive emojis, we explore the benefits of normalising disability and making everyone realise that it's an everyday thing for the one billion people around the world who have a disability.

A room full of people listening

How can businesses find new opportunities as the UK’s population changes?

Here at Big Voice Communications we are big fans of equality, diversity and inclusion consultancy EW Group’s Reworked podcast. We read a lot about equality, diversity and inclusion, but it’s also great to hear about it too.

Big Ben

Calling for a bigger voice for disabled people in politics

Research made public by the BBC earlier this year found that just 1.5% of Welsh councillors are known to have a disability, even though around 20% of the UK population have a disability. We believe this is a national problem.

The humble cauliflower

Unwrapped, why food packaging needs to be more accessible

We all need to eat food and for many of us eating is an enjoyable experience. But for many disabled people there can be opaque barriers that get in the way between them and a good meal.

Paul Jardine, CEO XL Catlin and a BSL Interpreter at the 2018 RIDI Awards

Celebrating disabled talent at this year’s RIDI Awards

Celebrating best practice in recruiting disabled talent, the 2018 RIDI Awards winners were revealed at a fabulous ceremony generously hosted by XL Catlin (and organised by us)! Congratulations to all the winners for making recruitment more inclusive.

Multi-coloured film reels

Let’s go back to the future and make cinema more accessible for deaf people

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday soon, and for the rest of their lives, deaf people must get the service they deserve at cinemas. Poor quality, badly-written captions that are out of sync with the film need to make their way to the cutting room floor. And stay there.

An empty football stadium at night

The game is changing for the way blind people see the world

Jose Richard Gallego a 35-year-old Barcelona-fan has Usher’s syndrome, which means he has hearing loss and sight loss. With the help of his friend and interpreter, Cesar Daza, he follows the action during football matches in a unique way.

Man in business suit seated with a hand held device in both hands

Seven key points from the new PRCA Diversity & Inclusion Guidelines

The PR and Communications industry must do a much better job at representing the people we serve. That’s the message from the new PRCA Diversity and Inclusion Guidelines, which look at the current state of diversity in the industry.

Group of people part of the BME PR ProsPRWeek Mentoring Scheme

BME PR Pros/PRWeek Mentoring Scheme Launches to Help BME Pros Thrive

The launch of the BME PR Pros/PRWeek Mentoring Scheme was announced by PR Week UK earlier in January with the aim of promoting diversity in PR and increasing the number of PR professionals from ethnic minorities in top UK roles.

Lady in wheelchair being pushed on to bus via ramp

Will 2018 be the Year of Truly Accessible Public Transport?

It’s about time. There’s no doubt that it’s improving in some areas but there were also too many horror stories in 2017 that showed there’s still much to do.